Regenerative Farming in Longmont, Colorado

The local food movement

We strive to produce the highest quality meat, eggs, and vegetables while nourishing the land through regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture uses grazing practices to help amend the soil, revitalize the environment through CO2 sequestration, and provides a healthy habitat for animals and humans alike. We believe you shouldn't use pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals to produce the foods that we eat. Our farm is raised on the utmost ethical and environmental standards to ensure the health of our land, our family, and our community.

We shall nourish the earth in the same way that she nourishes us.
Carrots harvested from our home farm in Northglenn

From small and humble beginnings, we started Fox Plot Farm because we firmly believe in locally sourced produce and meat. Local produce not only tastes amazing, but it also contains more nutrients when consumed fresh. We see a disparity in the way many grocery stores source their produce, with often your food spending weeks on a truck or in a warehouse before it reaches you, losing many of the valuable nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. Our pursuit of fresh local farming not only benefits our bodies, but also repairs the earth through sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Peppers harvested from our home farm in Northglenn.

Eat the rainbow! Local farming not only provides nutritious food, but also often includes a variety of vegetables not usually found at your large retailer. From precious heirloom varieties to seasonal delights, our farm is committed to providing our community with a complete diverse selection to enhance your culinary experience. Eating and cooking shouldn't be a chore! Our goal is to not only to provide high-quality nutritious food, but also to educate and inform our community on the importance of local farms and the impact your food choices have on the environment.

Get to know your farmers

The farmers of Fox Plot Farm

Julia & Adrian Newman

We started our farming career well before settling in Longmont, CO. We have been growing our own food and sharing our vision with anyone who would listen for years. Now on 10 acres, our dream of pursuing a life of dedicated practice towards environmental restoration and culinary expansion can be realized. We know that every meal is a blessing from the earth and we will cherish that opportunity to give thanks, be grateful, and teach what we've learned.

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